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Dara is our guest at Mall Rousse on 15th of September



Themost spirited girl in the Bulgarian music life will bring positive emotions to her fans in Rousse with a concert for the first day of  school at the best trade center in our town Mall Rousse.


On 15th Septemberattheeastparkingof Mall Rousse after 07:00 p.m. the cheerful singer shall present the favourite to all fans songs “Born Like This” and “What Didn’t You Hear?”, as well as many other popular songs of hers. The talented young singer shall fascinate the guests not only with many smiles but also with exceptional vocal abilities, vision and artistic talent.


The autumn offer catalog, issued by Mall Rousse, is already launched and except the latest news from the world of fashion the fans of Dara shall also find an interview with her in it. In the interview Dara reveals interesting things about herself regarding her school life, the music and the fashion. 


Besides the unique concert the visitors of Mall Rousse shall have the chance to take advantage of promotions and discounts for children and grown-ups in the favorite trade center of all citizens of Rousse.


Say hello to the 15th September at Mall Rousse – where else!


Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Culinary Fiesta on 22 and 23 July at Mall Rousse!


A culinary event with the participation of chefs and confectioners from leading hotels and restaurants shall take place on 22 and 23 July on the ground floor of Mall Rousse. The participants shall present cooking of dishes using recipes selected by GoodFood.


GoodFood is a magazine not only for culinary ideas and recipes. It creates a complete concept regarding the connection between food, traditions, innovation and healthy eating. Recipes with precision of the proportions, all tested by the team, ideas for new products, methods and techniques for combination of various ingredients are being published on the pages of GoodFood magazine.


GoodFood Fiesta is not just live cooking. This event presents in a very attractive way various recipes from BBC GoodFood Bulgaria magazine, and shows that it is easy to prepare the dishes at home. In a special area at Mall Rousse, intended for this purpose only, chefs and confectioners from leading hotels and restaurants shall really teach a lesson on preparing and cooking dishes using and showing healthy products and culinary techniques.


GoodFood Fiesta shall take place in two consecutive days – 22 and 23 July – at the favourite of all citizens of Rousse shopping mall. The presentation shall be from 04:00 p.m. to 08:00 p.m. with short breaks between the presentations of each cook.


The tasting is free of charge! We are expecting you!



The forecasts promise hot Friday in Mall Rousse with discounts of up to -60%


Hot Friday has become a tradition! The last Friday in June is considered as a start of the summer sale in Mall Rousse. On the 30th of June during the whole day you will have the chance to buy all you need for the summer on very special prices – over 30 stores in the shopping center will offer discounts of up to -60%.


Among the most attractive offers are the cosmetics and skin care products with discounts of up to -50%, old and new Spring-Summer collections with discounts between 20% and 50% and jewelry and watches you can buy on prices reduced with 10% and 20%. Some of the stores will lower the prices of all items and the price of the sunglasses is going down to up to -60%. 


We offer you a different point of view for the summer shopping. Visit Mall Rousse and check out the new prices!


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